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The answer is of course NO. Using papers to enhance your learning is 100% legitimate And often suggested

Solved papers and guidebooks do not provide direct solutions, but they help students so that they can compare their answers with the right ones. It helps them to scan their mistakes and lacking in the content. Same goes for tailor-made papers you receive from Paper Doer’s end. A prepared assignment is a guidance tool so that you better comprehend paper’s specifications and attempt it a proficient and comprehensive way. We provide custom assignments to make your academic phase stress-free. Our papers are similar to the journal articles, books, and newspapers which you use for references. You can enrich knowledge of the subject with our custom assignments.

What is Custom Paper?

A custom paper or custom paper, prepared by Paper Doer, is one individually written by keeping an eye on customer’s requirements particularly. Our expert writers cater your assignments that are entirely based on your assigned topic. We provide accurate formatting and other specifications according to your guidelines. So, our custom papers are not general assignments, but tailor-made papers to meet requirements of the clients.

Any legal way to use these assignments?

The legal and right way to use our papers is simple. If you us our assignments, in the same manner, you take references from books, journal articles, reports, newspapers etc., then you are on the right track. Our research is 100% original and relevant. It can be only taken as an appropriate source to cater assignments and papers. The core aim or Paper Doer is to provide students guidance on every stage of their academic challenges. We make you understand the proper structure and pattern required for your particular assignment. Students who take our papers as model papers and go for further research to better comprehend the topic are using this service fairly and legally. When any student come to us for assignment-related assistance, we welcome them with a big heart. We trust them that they will use the service in the right and guided manner. Students are suggested to make proper use of the website and do not overstep the law of copyright or cheating.

Is there any possibility it can be perceived as cheating?

It will only be considered as cheating if you fail to follow the rules of copyrights. Paper Doer restricts students to submit company’s catered assignments in their colleges or universities with their own authorizations. This is a form of cheating for sure as you have misused the service which was only intended to work as your guide and assistance. Moreover, if you directly copy-paste or paraphrase our papers, then it will also be treated as cheating at your end. Paper Doer and its services are strictly bound to be utilized as guidelines and you are not allowed to submit it as a final paper.

Are these services legal?

Yes, of course. Online writing services are 100% legal. If it were illegal then Google would have disqualified the industry providing paper writing assistance service to its customers years before. If custom assignment writing services are prohibited or illicit, then solved papers, past papers, and guidebooks are also illegal as they all serve the same purpose as tailored papers and assignments. Paper Doer do not spoon feed its students with ready-made papers, but we help them to learn and understand the difficulties and different specifications of the assignment.

Then why do media depict this industry illegal?

Yes, media do showcase this industry unlawful and have spread thousands of rumours. Media has created a very negative image of custom paper writing services which has resulted in trust issues of the customers. The primary reason is that media reporters only broadcast thing without any authentic research and always state what they think is true, but it very far from reality. Another issue is that our industry is not like by people because of their bad experiences with amateur writing companies. They allow their students to submit their papers as it is in their colleges or universities. This is illegal as well as unethical. The presence of such people in the industry is the reason why this service is treated as unlawful. However, if media play its role accurately and go for in-depth research of the truth, then it might not harm online writing services anymore. Paper Doer has played an important role in raising the academic bars of the students by being honest and reliable.

Will you share my information with anyone? Or will my professor identify that I have used this service?

The answer to your questions is NO. We never share personal information with our clients with any third party be it you professor, university or even your peers using our service. We practice our service under 1998 Data Protection Act, which bound us to share your information with anyone. We keep all of your information and data safe and confidential within the company’s server. Besides, if you have used Paper Doer’s services correctly, then you don’t have to worry about any destruction of law.

So it is perfectly fine to use this service?

Well, yes. If you aim to use this service in the way that is right and legal, then you can go for it. All you have to do is use the service honestly and ethically. Remember, Paper Doer and its services are only for your assistance and guidance. You should not pass our custom assignments directly to your professor or college/university. If you want to avail our professional’s knowledge to strengthen your assignments or take references, you are welcome.

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